Frequently asked questions

How does Tupperware opportunity work?

The Tupperware opportunity is available to anyone 18 and above. You can subscribe to either open your own account and enjoy some perks and discounts. You can also subscribe and use it as a business for yourself, where you can make minimum 25% commission on personal sales you make.

How do I get started on the Tupperware Opportunity?

When youa ready, send us a quick message in one of our contact forms or send us your inquiry to sechsey0023@gmail.com. The first step is to purchase the Tupperware Kit for $110. There is also an option to pay in two payment plans, $39 today plus applicable taxes and the remianing $71 balance is paid on the 60th day from the registration date.

Is there a minimum quota to get started?

There is no minimum monthly quota. However, the best way to fully utilize your account's perks and to remain as an active account, you would need at least $500 in retail sales for the last 4 months.