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Organized Pantry

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Creating a neat and orderly pantry has never been easier with Modular Mates.

Imagine from Tupperware Brands.

What are Modular Mates? - They are #Tupperware's Pantry system. Designed to save you space, allow for organized and clutter free pantry. It also saves you money by keeping your dry goods fresh, dry, and sealed from unwanted pest. - They are modular so fits on cupboards. - They are systems so they stay in ur cupboard. No need for a separate "tupperware cupboard". - They are airtight and liquid tight so protects your dry goods from going stale. - yes they make your kitchen organize, everything is on plain sight, easy to see, no multiple items or rolled bags of random stale goods and will free up to 25% more of space!

will free up to 25% more of space!

My house didn't come with a built in pantry. So my husband offered to buy me one of these #Ikea bookshelves and turned it into add on pantry for my kitchen.

First time setting up my bookshelf turned pantry system.

This is one of my Pantry consult clients... nothing is more exciting to a homeowner than an efficient and organized kitchen. Nicole always tell her guest how her cupboard sings each time she opens them now. From mess to modular mates!!

Did you know that our modular mates system is our most wanted product for organization as it keeps everything air tight and liquid tight from bugs, flooding, moisture and more?

If you want more information about them, contact us below!


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