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Ham & Cheese Sliders

Ham & Cheese sliders in the MicroPro Grill

A new take on the ham and cheese sliders!! Its a winner winner because the kids absolutely LOVE it!

Super easy to make! So easy you can sleep in, and still be a rockstar mom in the morning, packing this awesome lunch for the kids or the whole family.

Here's what you would need, because the main component to making it quick was the Tupperware MicroPro Grill! This thing can grill, bake, make your casseroles in quicker time than any oven. The grill heats up quicker than the oven too and only takes up to two minutes to preheat. Once its heated up, it stays that temp the whole cooking time. So makes the grilling consistent and fast! Check out the video of the whole process here.

These sliders took less than 5 minutes to set up and only 5 minutes total to cook and look like the bomb-dot-com of sliders!

Kids loved it so much they ask for more for after school snacks. BONUS, the lunch kit comes home empty and kids are happy! So is mommy....

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Ham and Cheese Slider recipe


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