The Tupperware Party

For more than 70 years, Tupperware has played the part in organizing kitchens and helping women through home demonstrations. This allows them to leave their homes, meet people , have fun and discover new products. 

Today the Tupperware Party is still part of many homes. This is another great way to get to know Tupperware products while having fun getting together. It is also an opportunity to party by learning how to cook healthy, get gifts and of course, enjoy many other benefits.


I am here to help make it happen and to organize your own Party Tupperware. Enjoy FREE products, gifts for your guests and FUN games for your friends too! Check out all the different service I provide below.

Cooking parties saskatoon
Cooking Social

We offer cooking socials, learn new recipes, make meals for 30mins or less and more!

Freezer Meal Workshops sasktoon
Freezer Meal Workshop

Prepare freezer meals with friends and take home 5 meals for the family while enjoying party rewards!

Pantry Consultation

One on One consult on how to save space and gain space in your kitchen through our Modular Mate system.


Qualify for this exclusive set when your party reaches $700 in party sales plus two friends dating their own party!